{ Restaurant Review } Barcelos, Khan Market, New Delhi

{ Restaurant Review } Barcelos, Khan Market, New Delhi

Barcelos is another South African Dine-in restaurant chain after Nandos, Barcelos feature the same peri peri flavored sauces and dips although, I like the flavor of the sauces here much more as compared to Nandos. The sauces at Nandos are a bit too sour for my pallette.

Barcelos was an instant hit in Delhi for their Black burgers. I’ve been wanting to try one for the longest and finally got a chance to eat here last week. If you’re thinking that the black, red and white burgers only differ in their color, you’re wrong. They taste very different as the black burger is made with adding Spinach to the dough, the white with coconut and the red with tomatoes. I wanted to try all the flavors so went in for the mini burgers. They did not have the red burger available so we ordered 2 black and 2 white, 2 mutton and 2 chicken. The black chicken burger was okay, the black mutton burger was better but the white mutton burger was the best !

Rating : 3/5

I’m rating it 3 because for me the taste is as important as the service and the ambience and service at Barcelos was below average. First the order was late then the order was wrong, then we received 3 burgers instead of 4. It was very irritating. The staff also seemed uninterested.

SOURCE CREDIT: http://hobogobo.com/review/black-burger-barcelos-khan-market-delhi/